AMP, which stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, is an open-source initiative focused at increasing the speed and performance of web pages on mobile devices. In the context of WordPress, AMP refers to the application of the AMP project’s specifications within WordPress websites. The goal is to develop web pages that load rapidly on mobile devices, resulting in a better user experience.

Here are some essential elements of AMP in WordPress(AMP WordPress):

Faster loading:

AMP serves to streamline web page HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to drastically improve load times. This is accomplished through the use of code constraints and the usage of a content delivery network (CDN) for optimum delivery.


The primary goal of AMP is to improve the mobile browsing experience. By providing simpler and optimized versions of pages, AMP strives to ensure that content loads quickly and is easily accessible on mobile devices.


AMP pages use a subset of HTML known as “AMP HTML,” which includes particular elements and constraints designed to ensure quick loading. The structure of AMP HTML is designed to favor speed and performance.

AMP JavaScript (AMP JS):

JavaScript in AMP is managed and optimized to avoid delaying page rendering. Some JavaScript capability is restricted, and asynchronous loading is emphasized.

AMP Cache:

To improve performance even further, AMP pages can be cached by Google’s AMP Cache or other CDNs. This allows the pages to be preloaded and given to users fast when they are requested.

SEO Advantages:

Google favors mobile-friendly and fast-loading pages in its search ranks. Using AMP on your WordPress site may improve your search engine ranks, particularly in mobile search results.

WordPress AMP Plugin:

WordPress has an official AMP plugin that enables AMP on users’ websites. The plugin generates AMP versions of posts and pages automatically.

Customization & Theming:

While the major goal of AMP is to provide a standardized and streamlined structure for faster loading, developers and site owners can still use templates and styles to change the appearance of AMP pages.

While AMP can greatly enhance mobile page speed, it may not be appropriate for every type of website or content. Some dynamic and interactive capabilities in AMP may be limited, therefore it’s critical to examine how well AMP matches your individual needs.

Installing the official AMP plugin simplifies the process of creating and serving AMP versions of your pages on a WordPress site.

WordPress AMP plugin-

AMP – An easier path to great Page Experience for everyone. Powered by AMP.
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