PHP Fatal error: cannot redeclare function previously declared WordPress

Fixing Fatal error: Cannot redeclare

The error ‘Cannot redeclare function’ in PHP is caused by trying to declare a function that has already been declared in your code or another included file. This problem is common in WordPress when a function is defined in multiple plugins, themes, or in the theme’s functions.php file.

To solve ‘Cannot redeclare function’ problem, take the following steps:

Verify that there are no duplicate function names.

Make sure that you don’t have two functions with the same name in your code. It’s possible that this is within your theme files, plugins, or any custom code.

Plugin or Theme Conflict:

To figure out which plugin or theme is causing the conflict, try deactivating them individually. When you find the problematic plugin or theme, you have the option to either choose a different one or contact the developer for a fix.

Namespace or Function Names that are unique:

To prevent conflicts, it is important to use unique function names when working with custom code or developing a plugin. In addition, if you are using PHP namespaces, ensure that you use them correctly to encapsulate your code and avoid naming collisions.

Conditional Function Declarations:

To ensure that the function exists before declaring it, use a conditional statement to wrap your function declarations. For example:

if (!function_exists('your_function_name')) {
function your_function_name() {
// Function code here

If (!function_exists(‘your_function_name’)) is true: This condition determines whether a function named ‘your_function_name’ has previously been defined. The function_exists PHP function returns true if the specified function name exists means Cannot Redeclare Function and false otherwise. The ! (not) If the function is not present, the condition is true because the operator eliminates the result.
The function is only declared if it doesn’t already exist because of this.

WordPress Hooks:

If you are using hooks (actions or filters) in WordPress, ensure that you are hooking into them correctly. If the function you’re trying to declare is not already connected elsewhere.

I hope ‘cannot redeclare function’ error resolved in your WordPress if not, please check WordPress Forum or

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