Can WordPress run on windows server?

Yes, WordPress can run on a Windows server, but it is more frequently linked with Linux-based web servers. WordPress is a flexible platform that can be deployed and hosted on a variety of server platforms, including Windows. This is how you install WordPress on a Windows server:

Windows Server Requirements:

Ensure that your Windows server satisfies the requirements for WordPress hosting. A web server (such as Internet Information Services – IIS), PHP, and a database server (usually MySQL or MariaDB) are all required.

Can WordPress run on windows server?

Web Server (IIS):

On your Windows server, you can utilize Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS) as the web server. Install and configure IIS so that it can process web requests.


Install PHP, a server-side scripting language required by WordPress. To configure PHP settings on your Windows server, utilize PHP Manager for IIS.

Database Server:

Install a database server, such as MySQL or MariaDB, on your Windows server. These database systems are often used with WordPress, but other alternatives may also work.

Get WordPress:

Download the most recent version of WordPress from the official website (

Setup WordPress:

Extract the WordPress files to the proper directory on your Windows host.
Configure the wp-config.php file with the database connection information and other options.


Navigate to your website using a web browser and complete the WordPress installation procedure. You will configure the admin user, site title, and other critical details.
Themes and plugins:

After installing WordPress, you can personalize your website by installing themes and plugins, just as you would on a Linux-based server.

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While it is feasible to run WordPress on a Windows server, it is crucial to note that the vast majority of WordPress installations are hosted on Linux-based servers. Linux hosting is increasingly popular due to its compatibility with the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack, which is a popular setting for WordPress. Linux hosting also benefits from extensive community and development support.

However, if you have specific reasons to use a Windows server, such as existing infrastructure or software requirements, you may surely successfully run WordPress on a Windows server by following the methods outlined above.

In short, running WordPress on a Windows server is possible and may be helpful in certain circumstances, such as when you need to interface with Windows-based apps or want to retain consistency with your existing Windows infrastructure.

However, when making your decision, keep in mind the less typical nature of this setup, potential performance variations, cost, and availability of support. It can be a realistic option for your web hosting needs if you have the ability and resources to run a WordPress site on a Windows server.

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