PHP Essentials: A Beginner’s Guide to Web Development

PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, is a server-side programming language that is commonly used for web development. Rasmus Lerdorf developed it in 1994, and it has since become an effective tool for creating dynamic and interactive webpages.

PHP Server-side scripting:

PHP is mostly used for server-side scripting, which means it runs on the webserver and generates dynamic content before sending it to the client’s browser. This allows you to construct dynamic web pages and applications.

Open Source:

PHP is an open-source language, allowing developers to freely use, change, and distribute it. As a result, it has become widely used, with a large developer community.

Syntax similarities:

PHP syntax is similar to C and Perl, making it understandable to programmers familiar with these languages. The syntax is simple, making it easy to learn for newcomers.

Example #1 Our first PHP script: hello.php

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>PHP Test</title>
        <?php echo '<p>Hello World</p>'; ?>

Embed in HTML:

Developers can seamlessly combine dynamic and static content by integrating PHP code directly in HTML. PHP’s flexibility allows it to be easily integrated into existing websites.

Extensive documentation:

PHP offers extensive documentation, making it an invaluable resource for developers. The PHP manual is regularly updated, offering information about functions, syntax, and best practices.

Support for different databases:

PHP supports several databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. This allows developers to interact with databases and handle data in web applications more effectively.

Support for Various Databases:

PHP supports various databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. This allows developers to interact with databases and handle data in web applications more effectively.

Community and Resources:

PHP developers actively contribute to forums, online communities, and other resources. The ecosystem facilitates knowledge sharing and issue solutions.

Frameworks and CMS:

Popular PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, and CodeIgniter can help simplify and speed up development. PHP is used to create content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento.

NamePlatformSupported databasesLatest stable releaseLicensesLatest release date
ATutorPHPMySQL2.2.4[49]GNU GPL2018-06-20
Backdrop CMSPHPMySQL, MariaDB[50]1.26.2[51]GNU GPL2023-12-02
Bolt (CMS)PHPMySQL, MariaDB, SQLite[52]5.1.19[53]MIT2022-12-06
b2evolutionPHPMySQL, MariaDB[54]7.2.5[55]GNU GPLv22022-08-06
CMSimplePHPFlat-file database5.11GNU GPLv32023-02-06[56]
CMS Made SimplePHPMySQL2.2.19[57]GNU GPL2023-11-28; 51 days ago
Composr CMSPHPMySQL[58]10.0.43CPAL2022-07-22[59]
Concrete CMSPHPMySQL, MariaDB9.2.1[60]MIT2023-07-12
ContaoPHPMySQL, MariaDB[61]5.2.8[62]GNU LGPL2024-01-17
DokuWikiPHPFlat-file database2022-07-31[63]GNU GPL2022-07-31
DotclearPHPMariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite[64]2.27.3[65]GNU GPL2023-08-31
DrupalPHPMariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Percona Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite[66]7.99[67]GNU GPLv2+2023-12-06; 2024-01-17; 2024-01-17;
Exponent CMSPHPMySQL, MariaDB[68]2.7.1 Patch 2[69]GNU GPL2023-05-31
eZ PublishPHPMySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server5.4GNU GPL2014-12-02[70]
GeeklogPHPMariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL[71]2.2.2[72]GNU GPL2022-09-27
GetSimple CMSPHPFlat-file database3.3.16GNU GPL2020-03-03[73]
GravPHPFlat-file database1.7.44[74]MIT2024-01-05
HabariPHPMySQL, PostgreSQL,[75] SQLite0.9.2Apache License2014-09-16[76]
Ibexa DXPPHPMySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL[77]4.5[78]GNU GPL2023-05-12
ImpressCMSPHPMariaDB, MySQL[79]1.4.5[80]GNU GPLv22023-07-06
ImpressPagesPHPMySQL5.0.3[81]GNU GPL MIT2017-07-11
JamroomPHPMySQL, MariaDB, Percona[82]6.5.0[83]MPL2020-05-11
Joomla!PHPMySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL[84]5.0.1[85]GNU GPL2023-11-27; 52 days ago
KajonaPHPMySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MariaDB, Oracle6.2GNU LGPL2017-06-08[86]
KnownPHPMariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL[87]1.5Apache License2023-06-02[88]
MagentoPHPMySQL, MariaDB[89]2.4.6-p3[90]OSL Ver. 3 / AFL Ver. 32023-10-10
MamboPHPMySQL4.6.5GNU GPL2008-06-01
MediaWikiPHPMySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite[91]1.41.0[92]GNU GPL2023-12-21; 28 days ago
MicroweberPHPMySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite[93]1.3.4[94]Apache License2023-03-24
Midgard CMSPHP (Midgard framework)MySQL12.0.9.2GNU LGPL2012-09-26[95]
MODXPHPMySQL, MariaDB, Percona Server[96]3.0.4[97]GNU GPL2023-10-03
Novius OSPHPMySQL5.0.1 (Elche)GNU Affero GPL2014-07-08[98]
Nucleus CMSPHPMySQL3.64GNU GPL2011-03-14[99]
OpenCartPHPMariaDB, MySQL, Percona Server, PostgreSQL[100][101]GNU2023-09-15; 4 months ago
OmekaPHPMariaDB, MySQL[102]3.1.1[103]GNU GPL2023-03-24
pH7BuilderPHPMariaDB, MySQL[104]17.9.1[105]GPL 3.02023-04-13
Phire CMSPHPMySQL2.1.0New BSD License2016-07-07[106]
PHP-FusionPHPMySQL[107]9.10.30[108]GNU Affero GPL2022-09-01
PHP-NukePHPMySQL8.4.4GNU GPL2021-12-05[109]
phpWebLogPHPMySQL0.5.3GNU GPL2001-10-31
PhpWikiPHPMySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, Berkeley DB, Flat-file database1.6.3GNU GPL2023-11-15[110]
PimcorePHPAWS Aurora, MariaDB, MySQL, Percona Server[111]11.1.3[112]GNU GPL2023-12-06; 43 days ago
Pixie (CMS)PHPMySQL1.0.4GNU GPL2010-03-21
PmWikiPHPFlat-file database[113] SQLite[114]2.3.29[115]GNU GPL2023-12-18
PrestashopPHPMySQL[116]8.1.2[117]Open Software License 3.02023-09-28; 3 months ago
ProcessWirePHPMariaDB, MySQL[118]3.0.210[119]Mozilla Public License 2.02023-03-06
SMW+PHP – MediaWikiMySQL1.7.0GNU GPL2012-04-24[120]
SerendipityPHP + SmartyMariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite[121]2.4.0[122]BSD2022-11-21
Silverstripe CMSPHPMariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite[123]5.1.0[124]BSD[125]2023-10-16
SPIPPHPMySQL, SQLite[126]4.2.4[127]GNU GPL[128]2023-07-07
TextpatternPHPMySQL, MariaDB[129]4.8.8[130][131]GNU GPL2022-01-24
Tiki Wiki CMS GroupwarePHPMySQL, MariaDB[132]25.2[133]GNU LGPL2023-07-11
TYPO3PHPMySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite[134]12.4 LTS[135]GNU GPL2023-04-25; 8 months ago
WordPressPHPMySQL, MariaDB[136]6.4.2[137]GNU GPL2023-12-06; 43 days ago
XOOPSPHPMySQL, MariaDB[138]2.5.11[139]GNU GPL2023-12-24
Source Wikipedia
PHP Framework
Aiki FrameworkImpressPagesPhalcon (framework)
CakePHPCodeIgniterHorde (software)
Sansa FrameworkGyroscope (software)Neos Flow
Backdrop CMSJamroomPHPUnit
Fat-Free FrameworkKajonaPRADO (framework)
DrupalLaminasPop PHP Framework
GetSimple CMSLi3 (software)Silverstripe CMS
HammerkitLime (test framework)Smart Framework PHP
SymfonyNette FrameworkYii
Source Wikipedia

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